Valley Forge, PA | Oneida Indian Nation
April 22, 2019

Set within a tree-shaded park adjacent to the historic Washington Chapel near Valley Forge National Historic Park, the Oneida Indian Nation Friendship Garden is a welcoming landscape that surrounds an emotional and thought-provoking sculpture that celebrates the story of Polly Cooper and the Oneida people’s gift of food to the soldiers of Washington’s Continental Army. The Friendship Garden tells this story through visually striking art pieces integrated into the natural landscape. Behind and above the central art piece is a sweeping curve of cut metal featuring the patterns of historic Iroquois wampum belts, a further reminder of the partnership and alliance between the U.S. and the Oneida Nation.

(Friendship Garden)


(Chapel interior)




ROME, NY | Oneida Indian Nation
April 21, 2019

Here, a striking group of dimensional sculptural elements is set within a lush planter filled with local varieties of seasonal color and year-round landscaping. A life-sized work of bronze is central to the composition. A triptych of large vertical art screens made of metal and designed to look like aged, patinated bronze & copper, thus linking the entire plaza not only to one of the earliest Haudenosaunee trade goods, but also to Rome’s nome de ville, The Copper City.